Token Distribution

The aim of the token distribution is to ensure healthy engagement of the protocol.

A healthy protocol would be one where there is a consistently high utilization rate of the SuTokens balanced by an increasing lending pool.

SUMER holders can propose improvements and collectively decide on the optimum solution for the protocol. SUMER tokens will be distributed in a targeted manner via Liquidity and Community Incentives to achieve a balance of high market utilization and wide distribution of governance participants. This is subject to changes via governance as the protocol evolves and market conditions change.

Community Distribution

A total of 50% or 50 Million Sumer tokens will be distributed to the community. The distribution will be done via the Liquidity and Community Incentives.

The goal of Liquidity Mining is to incentivize the growth of Total Value Locked (TVL) and the utilization rate of the platform.


A total of 15%, or 15 Million SUMER tokens will be distributed to the team which will be fully unlocked over two years, with quarterly unlocks, and a 6-month cliff after public listing.


A total of 18%, or 18 Million SUMER tokens are reserved for the Treasury for the purpose of Marketing, Development, and Future reserves. The Treasury vests quarterly over 2 years.

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