Key Value Propositions

The cross-chain smart contract communication provides the multichain assets with the ability to move liquidity cross-chain and the ability to abstract chain specific information from end-users leading to;
  • Breaking cross-chain Liquidity and smart contract communication barriers
The multichain composable assets create the infrastructure to harness otherwise siloed liquidity and broken cross-chain smart contract communication.
This improves end-user experience substantially for DeFi participants because it has the ability to abstract away the definition of chain-specific or bridge provider-specific assets across different DeFi ecosystems.
  • Cross-chain Liquidity Routing and Abstraction for dApps
The fundamental value proposition of Sumer.Money is hyper-composability by unlocking the ability to route liquidity cross-chain through smart contracts. The ability enables unparalleled abstraction for users whose focus is to fulfill desired parameters (capital efficiency, yield generation) for interacting with the protocol securely.
  • Non-custodial, highly decentralized, and secure Cross-Chain Movement of Assets
The ability to transfer assets cross-chain no longer requires custodial bridge contract deposits thereby reducing operational risks while improving capital efficiency
Sr. No.
User Interaction
More Secure DeFi
Capital Efficient DeFi
Breaking cross-chain Liquidity and smart contract communication barriers
Cross-chain Liquidity Routing
Chain abstraction for dApps and reduced complexity for end-users
Non-custodial cross-chain transfers
Lower bridging costs
Bridge agnostic cross-chain transfers*
Reduced decision making of bridges/ assets/ cross chain routes
*Additional bridge support will be enabled after a technical review