Key Value Propositions

The cross-chain smart contract communication provides the multichain assets with the ability to move liquidity cross-chain and the ability to abstract chain specific information from end-users leading to;

Breaking cross-chain Liquidity and smart contract communication barriers

The multichain composable assets create the infrastructure to harness otherwise siloed liquidity and broken cross-chain smart contract communication.

This improves end-user experience substantially for DeFi participants because it has the ability to abstract away the definition of chain-specific or bridge provider-specific assets across different DeFi ecosystems.

Cross-chain Liquidity Routing and Abstraction for dApps

The fundamental value proposition of Sumer.Money is hyper-composability (unlocking cross-chain liquidity routing through smart contracts). The ability enables unparalleled abstraction for users whose focus is to fulfill desired parameters (capital efficiency, yield generation) for interacting with the protocol securely.

Non-custodial, highly decentralized and secure Cross-Chain Movement

The ability to transfer assets cross-chain no longer requires custodial bridge contract deposits thereby reducing operational risks while improving capital efficiency

Sr. No.User InteractionSimpler DeFiMore Secure DeFiCapital Efficient DeFi


Breaking cross-chain Liquidity and smart contract communication barriers


Cross-chain Liquidity Routing


Chain abstraction for dApps and reduced complexity for end-users


Non-custodial cross-chain transfers


Lower bridging costs


Bridge agnostic cross-chain transfers*


Reduced decision making of bridges/ assets/ cross chain routes

*Additional bridge support will be enabled after a technical review

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