Key Characteristics

Sumer multichain synthetic assets provide a credit card-like experience to promote multichain liquidity and seamless cross-chain smart contract communications.

As a DeFi user, you can deposit your assets (ETH, BTC, USDC, USDT, etc.) on the native blockchain in the lending and borrowing market to mint synthetic assets (SuUSD, SuETH, SuBTC) that are fungible across the network of all supported blockchains.

  • The synthetic assets enable easy, non-custodial cross-chain transfer while representing the same security characteristics and collateral backing.

  • The synthetic assets can be traded, farmed, or spent across multiple chains, while their deposits earn yields in the lending and borrowing market.

  • The SuTokens present a unique value proposition that they can be easily deposited as collateral into the Sumer Protocol money market on any supported network to borrow native assets providing immediate utility.

The transfer of these Sumer synthetic assets in the multi-chain environment represents the immutable passage of settlement information through smart contract communication (essentially burning on the source chain and minting on the destination chain)

No more custodial bridge deposits!

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