The present and the future is multi-chain

Blockchain Growth will mimic Internet Growth

We see the evolution of blockchain platforms to be analogous to the internet of the mid-1990s—both in terms of the infrastructure and the ability to spur new business models and improve operational efficiencies.

Varying use-cases will warrant varying blockchain architecture

The adoption of blockchain technology by Enterprises in the near term will be earmarked by varying objectives and use cases as they venture into new business models. These varying objectives and use cases warrant varying architecture, consensus mechanisms, token types, and other characteristics paving the way for a multi-chain ecosystem.

Blockchains will scale horizontally

Even across similar use cases of Decentralized finance and NFTs, any single blockchain infrastructure is not scalable enough to target mass adoption.

The blockchain ecosystem will scale similarly to how the internet scaled horizontally through the TCP/IP protocols and enabled disparate enterprise network communications to be interconnected and reach broader audiences.

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